Stefania Nesi was born in Vinci in 1976.

Stefania felt since when she was young a strong pictorial vocation that supports without following the usual training.

Though she took her degree in Law, the artistic nature was so strong in her, that, trough a parallel path she devoted herself  to  painting and  never leaves it.

Stefania has embarked on a very particular and personal artistic journey, marked, from 1997 to 2005,  by the training in the painter Fiorenza De Angelis's atelier located in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence. By this  latter she is initially formed to a method of painting based on J.W. Goethe's and Rudolf Steiner's  color tehories, which approach to a spiritual vision of the art with a very close link between man and color and between color and unconscious.

Subsequently Stefania continues her artistic journey in a more traditional way, attending, from 2005 to 2009, Tiziano Bonanni's visual art center  “Rosso Tiziano” , where she deals with the classical techinques of drawing and painting, with models from  real.

In the following years she has been attending various painters' ateliers carrying on  with her artistic training and practicing freehand drawing.

Stefania still resides in Empoli near Florence and, in  addition to her career as an exhibiting artist, she works in the municipality of  Forence. Alhough she is a graduate in law, she has given way to advocacy to follow her artistic vocation, her youthful dream arose when she was sixtheen and revceived her first  box of oil paints. 





September 2014: four-year award the Palma d'oro for art 2014. Awarding of the prize for artistic merit by ArtExpo' Gallery in Montecarlo in the Principality of Monaco.


June 2014: Critics award 2014 edited by art critic Salvatore Russo for the high stilistic value. Winning work:”Falls”, 2011, acrylic and oil pastels on canvas, cm 80 x 80.


May 2014: Award  by the Italian Embassy in the Principality  of Monaco to have represented Italy in contemporay Art. during the event/competition  “Gala de l'Art” 2014 at Hotel de Paris-Place du Casino. Principality of Monaco- Montecarlo (MC).